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At that point, the URL for will bring you to our new site currently hosted at We encourage you to visit the new site now and see a more recent set of updated gene annotations and MANY more Pseudomonas strains.

Search the Database

You may use this search function to search the continually updated PAO1 database by annotation and/or sequence and then compare selected annotations. Additionally, you may wish to search the log file describing all database updates. By default, wild cards are enabled for all searches.

Search Hint: We also recommend, as a complement to searching the annotations, that you search, using BLAST, for homologs to a protein of interest, to find additional genes/proteins of interest that may have annotations that don't show up in your annotation search (i.e. if you want all homologs of a particular membrane protein, but the particular membrane protein has been named differently by different Pseudomonas Genome Projects). From a BLAST search you can also select genes/proteins of interest for further study, and compare them using the Compare feature with other genes/proteins you hold on your clipboard.