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Pseudomonas Genome Database - Search for DNA motifs

DNA Motif Search

Search for DNA Motifs in Pseudomonas Genomes. Please expect to wait a couple of minutes for reports returning many hits.

Select Genome:

Enter Nucleotide Sequence:

Please enter the sequence in IUPAC format.

e.g. AAGS{3,8}TTN{3,20}TTGAC

(*See instructions)

  • Enter a nucleotide sequence in IUPAC format and click the submit button
  • A variable-length consensus sequence may also be entered in a format to reflect the unknown number of nucleotides

  • e.g. AAGS{3,8}TTN{3,20}TTGAC

    In this example a C or G can appear 3 to 8 times starting at position 4 and any nucleotide can appear 3 to 20 times starting at the position following the the second T

  • Reports are currently limited to those returning 2000 or fewer hits - Please contact us by email for assistance with queries returning more than 2000 hits so that we can help you directly